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An Introduction to the
Swiss Avenue Women's Guild Web Site by

My name is Ebby Halliday. Technology has made possible the introduction to a wider audience of the Swiss Avenue Women's Guild, and due to my deep interest in housing and in architecture, I think it's absolutely wonderful what the Guild has done... to bring the knowledge of the wonderful neighborhood concept. The Swiss Avenue Women's Guild is certainly to be commended for producing this web site with it's beautiful examples of turn of the century architecture and for the years of research dating back to the first home built in 1905.

You know, the neighborhood concept in larger cities has become almost nonexistent, but because of the friendly enthusiastic work of the Women's Guild, Swiss Avenue is an elegant neighborhood in which the homeowners welcome new neighbors, support the works effecting the area and join in charities that border the Avenue.

Since coming to Dallas in 1938, I have witnessed many neighborhood changes and have been impressed with the steady interest in East Dallas... Swiss Avenue, Lakewood, Munger Place areas of stately homes of character, with the carefully preserved Swiss Avenue - eight blocks of historical homes, nurtured by the Swiss Avenue Women's Guild, the centerpiece of interest... is a wonderful, wonderful example of neighborhood preservation and of worthwhile interest to generations to come. So enjoy and learn and step back in time with the caretakers of the Historical Swiss Avenue, which is in the careful hands of the Swiss Avenue Women's Guild.