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• Holiday Home Tour 2003 - Click Here for information!

Guild events held for the members, and occasionally for outside guests, most often take
place at one of the historic Swiss Avenue homes. The charities that the Guild supports play a
major part in many of these events.

The New Neighbor Brunch, a highlight of every year, is a signature event honoring all of
the new neighbors who have purchased or moved into a Swiss Avenue home during the
previous year. The brunch is a springtime “welcome” prepared entirely by Guild members.
This elaborate event exemplifies our members’ generosity and talents as they
create all of the decadent dishes and fabulous table settings. This gathering allows both new
and old neighbors to exchange stories, become better acquainted, and plant the seeds for
new friendships to grow during years to come.

The Thanksgiving Food Drive, Santa’s Toy and Clothing Drive, the Easter Egg Hunt and
Easter Basket Drive, and the School Supply Drive are some of the Guild’s annual charitable
events. The weekend before Thanksgiving, the Guild traditionally gathers hundreds of
pounds of food as members socialize over morning coffee. We delight the children of Swiss
Avenue as they experience the gift of giving to those less fortunate during the Christmas and
Easter holiday events. A hug from Santa and an exciting Easter egg hunt make for some
great family fun. An end of summer school supply drive gives members a chance to catch up
and give the Guild’s charities the items they will need throughout the year.

Other entertaining, informative and very fun events have been a Hawaiian Luau, Mardi
Gras Party, Spa Day, Book Signing, High Tea, Estate Jewelry Lecture, 4th of July Ranch
Barbecue, Wine Tasting, and the ever popular Veranda Parties. The Guild is also proud to be a
part of the Swiss Avenue Historic District Home Tour where the Guild hosts a booth in the
park to sell tour tickets and Guild items (mugs, driving and walking tour tapes, magnets and books).

The Guild ends its year with the Annual Meeting at the Aldredge House where we share the
memories from our scrap book and welcome in the new Board of Directors. The Guild looks
forward to many years of creative events and continued growth in friendships with all members.